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Sangeetha Srikishen


Sangeetha Srikishen is a singer and entrepreneur from Bangalore who has made a name for herself in the music world as a singer.

An Entrepreneur
Sangeetha has produced and directed a number of live and television music shows and is known for her innovative and creative concepts and spectacular stage/television productions.

It had always been a dream of Sangeetha’s to start a school that would provide high quality musical education. With this aim, she founded the World Music Conservatory (, an institution focussed on promoting music by creating performers.

Sangeetha is a versatile singer who is known for easily adapting to different styles of singing. She is the lead vocalist of the Indo fusion band RHYTHM & RAAGA. She has also worked on a number of albums and has released music in collaboration with various Carnatic and global musicians.

Work in Social Welfare Programs
Sangeetha is the Managing Trustee and co-founder of SMILE Charitable Trust, an NGO that is focussed on providing educational welfare for the underprivileged.

Sreenivas Naidu


Sreenivas Naidu , is a corporate professional with over 28 years of measurable experience in all facets of Fortune 500 companies, his vast experience stems from internationally renowned firms in the tech industry to name a few SAP Labs, Sapient, Airtel, Nucor, IMR… as he was involved with ground-breaking construction, revitalizing development projects and managed a portfolio composed of premium flagship IT centers providing world class iconic working environments. His greatest strength is that he always excited to learn more, working collaboratively, being a key influencer while overcoming barriers, insisting on highest standards of efficiency and sustainable operations. Sreeni was handling one of the key CSR Vertical (Corporate Social Responsibility) in the company, he is with the SMILE as a permanent trustee.

Narayana Bhide


Sridhar Sringeri