SWACHALAYA: Construction and Maintenance of Restroom

One of Smile Charitable Trust major current projects involves constructing clean and well maintained washroom facilities across India. We have completed constructing more than 200 toilets schools across Karnataka state and maintaining them. Lack of proper sanitation facilities in our rural schools has been a major reason for girl students dropping out and discontinuing their studies. There are only a few functioning bathrooms and the ones present suffer from lack of maintenance...... DONATE NOW

SMILE VIDYARTHI: Educational Welfare For Underprivileged Children

Smile Charitable Trust works towards the educational welfare of students from the underprivileged backgrounds. We ensure that tuition fees, uniforms, shoes and study materials are provided for all the students we take under our care, irrespective of their academic marks. Then there are extra incentives for those who do well in their academics. Students who score above 70% are rewarded with sports kits, music instruments and other extra curricular related items as an incentive. For those who score above 95%, laptops and computers are provided....... DONATE NOW